Ryan Reynolds trolling the internet by making (almost) available Detective Pikachu on YouTube

Just released on the screens and already entirely on YouTube? This is what we wanted to believe Ryan Reynolds and Warner Bros by posting on Twitter a 1:40 video of the latest Pokémon movie. The famous actor is the main voice of the character of Pikachu Detective Pikachu, the eponymous hero from the movie released two days ago. It also allowed the famous yellow Pokémon to exist as animation character thanks to the capture of his movements.

Known for his repeated jokes, the interpreter of Green Lantern and Dead Pool made all the twittosphere believe he had done leaker the latest Pokémon movie. His retweet refers to the movie so, well, almost ...

Um ... Attn @DetPikachuMovie @warnerbros //

- Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) May 7, 2019

Naturally, it is doubtful that the actor would share such an important leak, unveiling the entire film and thus damaging the global release to the cinema. However, when we click on the link, we really find ourselves facing the film with a duration of 1:43 minutes precisely!

We had you, huh? The first images unveil Tim Goodman, the hero, who roams the streets of Ryme City in search of his father who mysteriously disappeared while looking for Pokémon. Except that surprise! Moments later, the film stops to make room for Pikachu, his detective cap screwed on his head, which sways at the rhythm of a heady music.

We all know the importance of marketing shots, especially in the cinema world. Ryan Reynolds has hit hard this time but does not claim the author of this troll. According to him, he only reported leak... except that by force, we know him the little trickster! The trickery makes the buzz on the networks and has already managed to count more than 13 million views. It's pretty well played!

Credits : Warner Bros.

Credits : Warner Bros.

Imagined by: Warner Bros.

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