15 people who are creative and humorous after hitching their car

We can pay attention to his car and watch for the road with vigilance, a small hanging is never far away. A moment of inattention, a turn a little too tight and that's the drama. So we reassure you right away, we do not necessarily come out injured a small accident or a collision.

But your car, it comes out rarely unscathed. Body dented, paint erased, doors striped ... The result is seen immediately on a car and undermines our morale. But you will see today that some people have made the choice to approach the subject with a nice touch of creativity... and especiallyhumor !

The team of Creapills suggest you to discover below 15 initiatives creative and original people who have shown humor and creativity after hanging their car. Ideas that are good for morale and that prove that, ultimately, it's all material and can even turn into something fun and distinctive. We let you fill upinspiration below !

And if you liked the idea, you'll definitely enjoy these 30 creative tattoos that transform scars in works of art. And yes, object, car, human, it does not matter: everything is transformed!

You see a hanging? He sees a landscape

Credits : fishki

Credits : fishki

Credits : fishki

Credits : fishki

A scratch? Adopt the Street Fighter reflex



Will know who was in Thor

Credits : brohica / reddit

It's Garfield's fault

Credits : gemmiegem91

The king of the staging, not the niche!


Mailbox: 1
Honda: 0

Credits : dylpicklechip

And that made POW!

Credits : 16m

When Hulk gets angry

Credits : inmyelement

Ninja Turtles

Credits : z32drifter

Even thinner than knitting

Credits : J / Bored Panda

Chuck Norris was here

Credits : ElGoocherino

A trip to Jurassic Park


Mercurochrome, the bandage of the crenellations

Credits : unflushed_toilet

Apparently it was a deer

Credits : jp0ll

Punch of Hulk

Credits : AmBull1216

Video: The Being Run Over By A Car Trick - Masking Basics (January 2020).