20 ingenious logos that play with negative space to surprise you

If we often say that silence is a constituent element of music, then know that emptiness is also a key element of a visual composition. When we try to draw, as when we try to compose, we sometimes tend to to make tons forgetting a fundamental element: negative space... or how to give meaning to emptiness.

You know, the most powerful creations are not the ones that are most obvious at first, but rather those we guess. This is exactly what the game allows with negative space. This technique is widely used in branding and logo development for a simple reason: the surprise effect provoked will allow a better memory of the visual and therefore the brand that accompanies it.

To better understand how it works, we have selected you 20 creative logos and surprising who play with negative space. And you will see that some are really very well thought out. All the logos below have a double message ... so you have to find it!

Credits : John Randall

Credits : Mootto Studio

Credits : Sean O'Brien

Credits : Rajendra Prasad A

Credits : Roy Smith

Credits : Jeroen van Eerden

Credits : Richard Fonteneau

Credits Unknown

Credits : Vasvari

Credits : Logotomy

Credits : HitByReindeer

Credits : Siah-Design

Credits : Siah-Design

Credits : Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Credits : Glad Creative

Credits 300million

Credits : vasvari

Credits : Carrie Madigan

Credits : Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Credits : ru_ferret

Sourcing by: Creapills

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