Here are the 11 sublime photos of the 2018 Astronomy Photographer of the Year

If you follow regularly Creapills, you know without a doubt that we like to share with you the winners of the professional photo contest. In general, these contest reward the most beautiful pictures of fauna and / or flora, like the one recently organized by Scuba Diving Magazine who is interested in the seas and oceans.

But today, we are going to present you a particular photo contest which, once is not custom, is not really interested in what is happening on our beautiful planet Earth. No, the baptized contest Insight Investment Astronomy Photogrpaher of the Year is interested in what is above and rewards the most beautiful astronomical photos of the year.

A wonderful photo contest that pays homage to astronomy 🚀

The sky, the space, the stars, the Moon, the Sun ... Themes that leave you dreaming and are exploited in the most beautiful way in this competition organized by the Royal Greenwich Observatory. For this edition 2018, the jury has to decide between 4000 photos issues of 91 countries different. And it's the American astrophotographer Brad Goldpaint who wins this year the "Grand Prix" with his beautiful picture also awarded in the category "Citizens and Space".

Note that France is also represented with the photographer Nicolas Lefaudeux which is illustrated in two categories: "Dawn" and "My sun". We let you discover below the most beautiful astronomical photos of this year 2018. To infinity and beyond! 🚀

Grand Laureate 2018 & Winner of the category "Citizens and Space"

Credits: Brad Goldpaint (USA) • Transport the Soul

Winner of the category "Young Talents"

Credits: Fabian Dalpiaz (Italy) • Great Autumn Morning

Winner of the category "Stars and Nebulae"

Credits: Mario Cogo (Italy) • Corona Australis Dust Complex

Winner of the category "Our Moon"

Credits: Jordi Delpeix Borrell (Spain) • Inverted Colors of the Boundary between Mare Serenitatis and Mare Tranquilitatis

Winner of the category "Galaxies"

Credits: Steven Mohr (Australia) • NGC 3521, Mysterious Galaxy

Winner of the category "Aurore"

Credits: Nicolas Lefaudeux (France) • Speeding on the Aurora Lane

Winner of the category "Planets, Comets and Asteroids"

Credits: Martin Lewis (United Kingdom) • The Grace of Venus

Winner of the category "Robot Scope"

Credits: Damian Peach (United Kingdom) • Two Comets with the Pleiades

Winner of the category "Heavens"

Credits: Ferenc Szémar (Hungary) • Circumpolar

Winner of the category "Best Hope"

Credits: Tianhong Li (China) • Galaxy Curtain Call Performance

Winner of the category "Our Sun"

Credits: Nicolas Lefaudeux (France) • Sun King, Little King and God of War

Imagined by: Royal Greenwich Observatory

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