This carved and carved piece hides an unusual mechanism that reveals the Grail

Do you collect coins and recognize their provenance and value at a glance? Believe us, you'll be stuck by the creations of Roman Booteen. If you follow us on Facebook, you may have already seen our compilation video on the creations of this talented artist. But today, we will just talk about his latest creation that surprised us as much as amazed.

Roman Booteen is a Russian sculptor who loves playing with coins, medals and lighters. This genius is in the process of making a name for himself on social networks where he reveals spectacular transformations that it inflicts on the pieces, not only by sculpting them but also by inserting mechanisms that are triggered.

Roman Booteen is able to hide mechanisms in coins ⚙️

And here is his latest creation. Novel was interested in a US dollar which he completely transformed the side stack. He has created a scene where you can see a knight and a lady who discover a secret space in a wall. The rest, we let you discover it in video.


A totally fascinating art that requires extraordinary thoroughness. It's hard to understand how Roman Booteen manages to integrate a mechanism in the room and how this piece of wall rises to reveal what seems to be the Grail.

In our opinion, this is one of the most amazing creations of this artist who has not finished talking about him and whom we advise you to follow on his Instagram account and also on Facebook according to your preferences!

Credits : Roman Booteen

Credits : Roman Booteen

Credits : Roman Booteen

Credits : Roman Booteen

Credits : Roman Booteen

Imagined by: Roman Booteen

Video: Invicta Power Play (January 2020).