These tattoos change color depending on your health

Tattoos are pretty, but it can also become useful. And even very useful if we believe theMIT Media Lab in collaboration with Harvard Medical School. In a project called DermalAbyss, developped byXin LiuKatia Vega and supported by 8 other science studentsThese researchers took a close interest in tattoo ink to revolutionize its use.

Their idea? Turn this ink into health sensor for your body. For that, they were interested inbiosensorswho have the ability to evolve according to biological processes, which they have incorporated into an ink in order tochange its color according to these same processes.

Once on the skin, the ink changes color according to your pH, your glucose level and of sodium. PH changes cause the ink to change from purple to pink, while glucose levels range fromblue and brown.

Obviously, the project will still require months of development for perhaps, to bemarketed by health actors. Because behind this innovation, it would be a real breakthrough that would make it possible to diagnoses on our state of health instantly.

And the team has already imagined concrete uses of his invention. Diabetics will be able to look at the colors of their "glucose tattoo" to follow the evolution of their sugar level. Or the sodium sensor that can be used to determine your level of dehydration.

An impressive and very useful innovation that combines artistic creativity tattoos and medical creativity ! If you want to know more about the project, visit this site.

Imagined by: MIT Media Lab andHarvard Medical School

Video: These Tattoos Change Color When Your Health is At Risk (January 2020).