S.O.S Friendship hijacks Facebook videos to raise awareness about loneliness

The figure is cold in the back but is nevertheless real: 10% of French say that they suffer from loneliness. A dramatic trend that obviously affects the elderly but not only young adults too or adolescents who lack human contact and for whom life can be more complicated.

On the basis of this observation, the association S.O.S. Friendship, bringing together 1,700 volunteers listeners, has developed with the communication agency Buzzman a very smart communication operation that uses the Facebook video. Mini-clips were made that read on your Facebook feed and who present people to whom everything seems to succeed. At the end of each video, you are then asked to enlarge the screen to offer more space to the text and then discover the truth about these people ... who despite a common appearance, suffer cruelly from loneliness.

A creative communication operation that surfs on a unusual gimmick and one of the most consumed formats in the world. The idea is all the more effective because it plays on reversible emotions : this reversal in the middle of video that gives all its meaning and strength to the message. Unfortunately, impossible to get hold of these 3 videos in question. The only way to consult them is the video above, which may suggest that the operation was only developed fictitiously… Pity !

Credits : S.O.S Friendship

Credits : S.O.S Friendship

Credits : S.O.S Friendship

Imagined by:S.O.S Friendship and Buzzman

Video: Jaha Tum Rahoge. Maheruh. Amit Dolawat & Drisha More. Altamash Faridi. Kalyan Bhardhan (January 2020).