The famous Simpson lounge reimagined in 6 different design styles

Present to United States and Canada, HomeAdvisor is an online service that connects tenants and owners with building professionals. And obviously HomeAdvisor seems rather inspired by the Simpson. A few months ago, we introduced the idea ofHomeAdvisor who was having fun reinventing the famous Simpson House in 7 different architectural styles. Today, the site is tackling living room no less emblematic of the family America's most popular.

HomeAdvisor therefore revisited the Simpson's famous salon in 6 different styles. For the little info, the salon des Simpson is very popular, especially for the famous "Couch gag" that we find in the opening credits of the episodes of the series and which shows the small family in situations always unusual and incredible.

The iconic Simpson Family Lounge

We let you discover below the various diversions of the salon of the Simpson, entirely revisited by HomeAdvisor. Of brand content rather well found that should appeal to fans of the genre.

Industrial style

Credits: HomeAdvisor

As an employee at the Nuclear Power Plant Springield, Homer should particularly feel in this lounge inspired by the industrial style. With its exposed bricks, wood and apparent metal, the room has a rustic and elegant appearance.

Coastal style

Credits: HomeAdvisor

The Simpson do not live by the sea, but here is what their living room could look like if it were. Shades of blue and white are reminiscent of the marine world. Accessories such as starfish and seashells are the decoration of this living room that gives holiday desires.

Bohemian style

Credits: HomeAdvisor

Yes Lisa had reworked the decoration of the salon des Simpson, that would surely give that. Vintage furniture, exotic carpets and decorations from around the world are the key elements of this "bohemian" style.

Shabby chic style

Credits: HomeAdvisor

The shabby chic style would undoubtedly correspond more to the style of Margin. A much more feminine style that mixes finishes, colors and styles. In terms of furniture, the old style was chosen here and floral accessories give the lounge an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.

Hollywood style regency

Credits: HomeAdvisor

A redesign of the salon des Simpson in a "Hollywood regency" style would give rise to a much more glamorous and sophisticated style, which surely would not stick to characters like Bart and Homer. This style mixes contrasting color combinations, such as pink, green and turquoise, with a bold design that mixes simple and modern furniture with gold ornaments.

Modern style

Credits: HomeAdvisor

The Simpson have been on our screens for 30 years, but if they had been older, their living room would surely have been revisited through a mid-century modern style. Here, the emphasis is on minimalism that mixes colors that contrast rather well between them, such as yellow, green and pink.

Imagined by: HomeAdvisor

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