This creative compares the positions of yoga to famous landmarks

TheIndia is the land of origin of the yoga. But over the years, yoga has traveled around the world. Highly publicized today, the practice of yoga is famous for helping torelax and empty in his head and in his body. With millions of followers around the world, yoga even has its own International Yoga Day, which celebrates this art so special throughout the world.

So, to communicate about the event, the Indian creativeSushil Kumar Swamy had an original idea: put in place a print campaign who compare yoga positions to historical monuments and famous. Thus, he noticed that the position of the Chakrasana refers to the London Eye or that the Shirshana rather echoes the Eiffel Tower.

As you have understood, for each print, there is a position of yoga associated and we must admit that it makes quite good and that the correlations are rather well found! In total, 6 positions have been "diverted" and we let you discover them below. Maybe that will decide you to practice yoga! 😎

Tadasana / Tower of Pisa

Credits: International Yoga Day

Chakrasana / London Eye

Credits: International Yoga Day

Simhasana / Statue of the Temples of Ramses II

Credits: International Yoga Day

Shirshasana / Eiffel Tower

Credits: International Yoga Day

Setu Bandhasana / Harbor Bridge

Credits: International Yoga Day

Garudasana / Statue of Liberty

Credits: International Yoga Day

Imagined by: International Yoga Day

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