The 10 best creative tweets of the handover

This Sunday, May 14 took place the handover between Francois Hollande and Emmanuel Macron. An event widely relayed by the media that saw thousands of messages to share on social networks and especially on Twitter.

After the 10 creative tweets of the presidential debate between Macron and Le Pen and the 10 creative tweets of the first round of presidential elections, here are the 10 most creative tweets of the handover.

- So, Mr. Fillon, how is this #PassationPower?
- Very well ! There they give me the necklace, it's very moving!

- Ornikkar ™ ​​(@ornikkar) May 14, 2017

- What did you do on your Sunday?
- I received a complicated code of phew! he makes everything fart. you?
- pasta. #powering #Elysee

- Hall'over (@Torticolibri) May 14, 2017

In a world without surprise, we would have had this #passationdepot # Elysée !!!

- AmRi (@RidouanAmellah) May 14, 2017

- I left you two blue cords in the fridge ...
- Thank you François ... call me when you arrive. #PowerPassion

- Noctamboire (@noctamboire) May 14, 2017


When you want to use Perlimpinpin as a nuclear code, but we explain that it takes at least 16 characters 😂 #PassationDePouvoir

- Antoine 🐘 (@ Ant1Adam) May 14, 2017

Brigitte Macron is the only Latin teacher in France who dresses in Louis Vuitton and not in Desigual. #transfer of power

- Alexis / Άλεξις (@alexisdpmartin) May 14, 2017

- Good luck to you Emmanuel.
- Thank you President. 40 years without victory in Bordeaux, it will be complicated ...
- Sorry ? #powerstroke

- Winamax Sport (@WinamaxSport) May 14, 2017

When your mother asked you to come down to say goodbye to the guests but your party is on pause #powerstroke

- François Denat (@francoisdenat) May 14, 2017

And there, you imagine, the chief of the protocol starts screaming:

- 🐥 DuckYellow 🐤 (@ 1prof2lettres) May 14th, 2017

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