Kit Kat launches a limited edition for sushi lovers

You like sushi? Do you like chocolate ? This culinary innovation should make you happy. In Japan, and more specifically in Tokyo, Kit Kat announces the launch of a very special ephemeral store. The latter is indeed specialized in the preparation of Kit Kat dedicated to sushi lovers.

On the program, three new flavors exclusively for our Japanese friends: Tamago (Egg sushi topped with pumpkin pudding and puffed white rice), Maguro (tuna sushi garnished with raspberry on puffed rice of white chocolate) and finally Umi (Sea urchin maki with melon wrapped in seaweed). Very special flavors for our Western taste buds, which should still fury in the land of the rising sun.

3 new varieties of Kit Kat ...

... in limited edition ...

... for sushi lovers

A 100% Japanese exclusivity

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